08. 4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Supplier

Download this episode (right click and save) Experienced buyers know that it can be difficult to find a quality supplier to manufacture their product. Aside from the factory's ability to make what you want when you want it, buyers often have to worry about the level of communication with the factory and coordinating product inspection with a third party. So what kinds of traits should a buyer look out for when sourcing? Client Services Manager Steve Mogentale tells buyers about four telltale signs to look out for in bad suppliers. In this manufacturing podcast interview with Steve, you'll learn about the following signs to look for in a bad supplier:
  • Your supplier's story is always changing
  • Your supplier is never wrong
  • The factory knowingly arranges a product inspection or factory audit based on false information; and
  • Your supplier tells you your QC company did a bad job but can't provide details
You'll also hear Steve's advice on what you can do to prevent working with a bad supplier in the first place. And if you'd prefer to read Steve's blog article instead, check out 4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Supplier!
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