"4 Critical Quality Controls for Cosmetics Packaging" (eBook)

Learn how to minimize defects with these 4 critical quality controls.


Avoid Common Defects and Protect Your Brand

When creating a packaging design for your cosmetic product, a significant portion - up to 50 percent! -  of the cost structure will be allocated to primary and secondary packaging materials. 

Taking this into consideration, the importance of having an effective quality control (QC) system in place to minimize defects cannot be understated. This eBook will cover some of the more important considerations related to cosmetics packaging, such as:

  • The role of product packaging for cosmetics products
  • Why the need for quality control?
  • How to avoid common defects
  • Important quality controls to have in place

If your cosmetics brand is launching a new product, going through a redesign, or simply looking for a new supplier, you'll want to have this guide on-hand. 

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