"4 Ways Importers Conduct Product Inspections" (eBook)

Learn why inspecting products is vital and the pros and cons of the different types of inspections that you can implement in order to make sure that your products reach you in perfect condition.


What's the Best Way for Importers to Inspect Products?

Deciding how to inspect your products to get the best results is a tough decision for many importers. Traveling halfway around the world to visit the factory personally and inspect can be both very costly and inconvenient. But leaving your supplier to do their own pre-shipping QC checks can be a nightmare, as you can't know your product's true quality and condition until receiving the shipment.

But luckily, there's a free resource available to walk you through your inspection options and lead you to the one that's best for your unique situation and budget. Our free eBook, 4 Ways Importers Conduct Product Inspections, is that resource.

How you'll benefit from this free eBook

This 31-page eBook answers dozens of questions importers commonly ask about inspections. You'll get a head start by learning:

  • How to use pre-product inspection to confirm the quality of your products before shipping and eliminate the stressful guessing game importers often feel they're forced to play.
  • What inspection options are available to you, including hiring full-time staff, hiring a third-party inspection company, inspecting on your own and relying on factory staff to inspect for you. You'll learn the pros and cons of each to help you avoid unreliable inspections and high costs.
  • The risks involving corruption in the QC industry and how different inspection options are better suited to prevent bribery and other integrity breaches that can lead to poor product quality and unhappy customers.

Make a more informed decision about pre-shipment inspections

No inspection option is a "one-size-fits-all" solution, just as there are no "short cuts" to perfect product quality. Each importer must weigh their own situation and budget against the available options to determine which inspection method is best for them.

But in offering you this free eBook, we promise you'll be much more prepared to make an informed decision about which inspection type is right for your business.

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