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Man-day Calculation Policy

In most cases our services are billed based on what we refer to as a “man-day”. This is roughly the time that one of our highly trained staff is assigned to your project, for up to 11 hours per day. As part of our commitment to the highest level of integrity, you will NEVER be billed more than the actual amount of service provided. If this commitment is ever in question we will refund the complete amount of the service performed.

Explanation of how man-days are calculated:

After each man-day based service we have a detailed time report from our auditors as to how long was spent on the service. The time for each auditor is counted like this:

Up to 11 hours:        1 man-day

11 up to 16 hours:   1.5 man-days

16 or more hours:    2 man-days

Man-day calculation notes

– Hours spent in the factory are counted in full.

– Hours spent travelling to and from the factory are only counted in half.

– Man-days are counted separately for each inspector.

– See the below InTouch major cities list where our inspectors are based. Travel hours are always counted from the major city that is nearest to the factory.

Man-day calculation – Example 1

– One inspector spends 8 hours at the factory, and 2 total hours travelling.

– A total of 9 hours are counted (the full 8 hours at the factory + half of travel time = 1 hour)

– The total man-day count is 1 man-day.

Man-day calculation – Example 2

– Two inspectors each spend 9 hours at the factory, and 5 total hours travelling.

– A total of 11.5 hours are counted per inspector (the full 9 hours at the factory + half of travel time = 2.5 travel hours)

– The man-day count for each of the two inspectors is 1.5 man-days.

– The total man-day count is 3 man-days.