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InTouch Manufacturing Services provides buyers with the security and peace of mind they’ve come to expect in a professional third-party quality control company. InTouch is not only the leading quality control service provider in Mainland China, but also in nearly every country in Southeast Asia.

Countries Serviced in Asia

Product Inspection Services in Asia

InTouch will design a quality control product inspection based on product specifications and requirements you provide that fits within your budget. Benefit from the following product inspection services and advantages now offered throughout greater Asia:

  • QC checklist consultation and development
  • Sample review by qualified engineers
  • Personalized quoting of inspection tests, procedures and sample size tailored to fit your needs and budget
  • Bilingual, Western staff dedicated to guiding you through the product inspection process, answering any questions and serving as your lifeline on the ground in Asia
  • IQC, during production inspections, final pre-shipment inspections and container loading monitoring carried out by qualified auditors experienced with your product type
  • Inspection reports issues same-day at no additional cost

Factory Auditing Services in Asia

The same assurance you get from having suppliers audited in China is now available for your suppliers in other Asian countries. InTouch now offers the following factory audit services in greater Asia:

  • Supplier verification – we verify the legality and capability of any of your suppliers by checking tangible government documents, financial records and certifications.
  • Supplier review – InTouch auditors will visit your supplier’s factory to evaluate it based on internationally accepted ISO 9001 standards.
  • Good Management Practices (GMP) Audits – our auditors will make sure the factory producing your goods meets GMP guidelines, including areas like quality system, laboratory system and packaging.
  • Social Compliance Audits – InTouch conduct a brand-specific pre-audit to determine if your factory is able to pass a formal audit based on criteria from retailers like Walmart, Target and others. We even offer a guarantee program to make sure your supplier improves to meet those compliance standards.

Product Testing Services in Asia

Product testing for material composition, safety, functionality and other criteria is a common service required by buyers of products made overseas.

Now you can be assured that your products made in Asia meet your standards by having InTouch carry out professional product testing services in a certified lab on your behalf. Not only can we test your product to determine if it meets standards for certification. We can also perform comparison testing by checking test results against a similar benchmark product.

Want to learn more about how InTouch’s quality control services can give you the assurance you need for your products in Asia? Contact us now for a free quote!

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