Manufacturing Country

Recommended Product Information And Background You Should Send Us

The below is information which we recommend you provide InTouch at least 1 full week prior to services performed on your behalf:

Information received less than 48 business hours before the start of the service is not guaranteed to be checked.

For product inspections:


  • Purchase order of shipment to be inspected
  • Full contact info, including address, of the supplier

Highly Recommended:

  • One piece approved sample in finished retail packaging with all color stickers, barcodes, and artwork
  • Clear description and photos of the product (if no approved sample available)
  • Clear description and photos of past quality issues with this vendor or product
  • Packaging (including master carton, inner carton, retail carton, and poly bag) specifications:
- Detailed description of packaging method
- Sizes
- Weights
- Markings and other artwork
- Copy of instruction manual or any included document (catalog, warranty card, etc.)
- Packing list or other shipping documents as required
- Silica pack requirements
- Special packing or loading requirements
  • Item specifications:
- Size
- Weight
- Material types
- Testing requirements
- PMS color requirements
- Etc.

For Supplier Reviews, Audits, or Supplier Verifications:


  • Full contact info, including address, of the supplier.
  • As detailed as possible a description of the product type or exact SKU, including photos

Highly Recommended:

  • All supporting information such as CAD, design files, etc.
  • Information on history of samples received from, sent to, or otherwise discussed with the supplier.
  • Email history with the supplier.