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With over 35 years of overseas sourcing and manufacturing experience in the food service equipment industry, the Commercial Pro team, based in Brentwood, TN is demanding when it comes to quality. Commercial Pro buys products from a wide range of manufacturers in China, stocks them in its warehouse in the USA and ships to both independent and wholesale food service equipment providers. Dealing in commercial electrical appliances, Commercial Pro has the highest standards for safety, ensuring that every product they sell is safety tested, and built in accordance with UL and NSF regulations.

Partnering with InTouch

In late 2007 Commercial Pro began contracting InTouch Services to handle QC inspections in China for their cookware and non-electric items. As our partnership grew, we expanded our services to provide a range of production monitoring and follow-up services to Commercial Pro. As Commercial Pro’s overseas manufacturing continues to expand, InTouch is committed to growing with them and making our high level quality services a contributing reason for their success.

commercial-pro1.jpgClient Testimonial

“As a manufacturer of cookware and commercial food service equipment, Commercial Pro’s main concerns with our overseas manufactured product are safety and quality. Because of the language and cultural differences between us and our Chinese suppliers, ensuring that our product standards are met for each and every item we import is challenging. For this reason, InTouch was a perfect choice for us when we selected a 3rd party quality control firm to inspect our new line of cookware.


Working with InTouch for QC inspections and production monitoring allows us the peace of mind of knowing that our products will ship on-time, and always meet every specification we set. We definitely find that this partnership and the general quality and “China” expertise that InTouch provides to our organization give us an edge against our competitors. Commercial Pro has been 100% satisfied with the services of this valued company and highly recommends them to importers of all kinds.”

Fred Durham
Director of Operations
Commercial Pro

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