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Crown Prince case study

InTouch and Crown Prince


Founded in 1948, Crown Prince is a leading producer of quality canned seafood products in the United States and Mexico. The company offers a wide array of canned goods, including crab meat, oysters, sardines and others through their Crown Prince, Crown Prince Natural and Ocean Prince brands.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Crown Prince is an American family-owned business that has been in operation for three generations and counting. An important part of their mission includes sustainability and social responsibility for their suppliers. They assembled a “Green Team” in 2010 to help the company manage their impact on the environment and, in subsequent years, successfully reduced their emissions from electricity usage by 20 percent. Crown Prince also demonstrates a commitment to sourcing sustainably harvested fish. When Crown Prince needed a reputable third-party auditing firm to make sure their suppliers fit the bill for social compliance, they reached out to the experts at InTouch.

crown-prince_compliance.jpgInTouch Compliance Experts

Since July 2013, InTouch expert compliance officers in China have worked intensively with Crown Prince’s suppliers to ensure that every factory is meeting both Crown Prince’s expectations for social compliance and those of the major retailers (such as Walmart and Target). By working with InTouch, Crown Prince and its factories have been able to comply with these standards 100 percent and, therefore, Crown Prince has never had a factory that has been called into question by the retailer, let alone disapproved.


By working with InTouch, Crown Prince always has highly accurate and timely information about the social compliance status of its suppliers and knows which ones need more work and improvement than others. When InTouch identifies issues at the factories, they then work intensively with factory management and staff, providing the relevant training, to ensure that the necessary improvements are made.

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