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Electrapour is the maker of one of the hottest new bar products in the past decade: LED illuminated pour spouts. These spouts actually illuminate the stream of liquor that is being poured, creating an amazing light show before your eyes, and inducing bar-goers to buy more drinks!

The Challenge Facing Electrapour

In 2008, Electrapour, who manufactures their items in China, found themselves up against not only a tight timeline to manufacture and deliver the product launch quantity in the US, but also the strictest standards for product safety which must be met for commercial grade items that contact food.

electrapour.jpgInTouch Finds a Solution

As Electrapour’s exclusive quality control partner, InTouch designed a QC program that would strengthen their supply chain address their needs. The main tenants of this program involved clarifying exactly what material standards needed attention, communicating these standards bilingually to Electrapour’s Chinese manufacturers, and building a bi-lingual QC checklist which allowed all parties a guide for the manufacturing process.
InTouch implemented the QC program and bolstered it with thorough product inspection services as well. With this support on the ground in China, Electrapour was able to launch their product on-time, and without any quality concerns.

Client Testimonial

“Working with InTouch lets us rest assured that our manufacturing in China will be first class, and free of quality issues. After being referred to InTouch through a friend, we have been thoroughly satisfied with their services. InTouch went right to the heart of the problem the day we brought them on-board by creating a bi-lingual QC checklist which laid out all of the standards for our product. Then they trained our own staff internally on how to inspect the product on-site at the factory. Due to their assistance during the critical initial launch of the item, our manufacturing went smoothly and defect-free.


This company’s attention to detail and overall China know-how is a huge asset to Electrapour, and we highly recommend them to anyone involved in manufacturing in China.”

Mike Michelini

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