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Founded in 1962 and based in Stamford, CT, Lapine Associates, Inc. has been a major player in the USA housewares and hardware industry for three generations and more than 45 years.

Broad QC Expertise to Meet a Broad Range of Products

For the last 15 years Lapine has serviced some of the biggest names in the U.S. Fortune 100 by providing them with a wide range of direct import products primarily used as promotional giveaways. As an exclusive member of a select group of preferred premium product vendors, Lapine is relied upon to provide innovative and high quality products that drive the sales of some of the world’s best known product brands.
To do this successfully, Lapine sources a wide range of products from Asia (everything from leather jackets to picture frames to small appliances). To insure that the highest ethical standards and strictest quality guidelines are consistently met by their various suppliers, Lapine requires a QC partner that has a wide range of product experience and a solid base of understanding with Asian manufacturers.

Enter: InTouch

In early 2008 Lapine began working with InTouch as their exclusive third party inspection, audit and quality control consultant in Asia. Since that time, Lapine has realized a huge savings by avoiding the high costs of defective product; has maintained their high ethical standards by insuring that they work exclusively with socially responsible manufacturers; and has maintained their strong reputation for creativity, quality and reliability with a customer base who appreciates their investment in third party quality control. As our relationship with Lapine expands to embrace our full range of services in 2008, we are fully committed to a company we know will continue to strengthen their reputation and reap additional savings as a result of our services.


lapine1.jpgClient Testimonial

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional service we have received from InTouch. Your organization’s consistent attention to detail and expert recommendations have served to support our successful sourcing operations in Asia. Your contributions have routinely contributed to our accomplishments by allowing us to proactively insure that our manufacturing partners are reputable, reliable and (above all) socially responsible.



Additionally, your team’s inspections of: raw materials; products in production; and our finished goods, provide us with the kind of pre-shipment quality assurance that has helped us maintain a spotless import record (devoid of unacceptable shipments or product recalls). For nearly 50 years the Lapine Company has prided itself on providing its customers with unparalleled products and services. For the last decade we have used our operations in Asia to deliver hundreds of containers a year of proprietary products to our customers. Our achievements have hinged greatly on our commitment to quality. As a direct result of the contributions you have already made to this effort, we look forward to InTouch continuing to play a pivotal role in our business well into our company’s future.”

Seth I. Lapine
Vice President of Retail Sales & Marketing
Lapine Associates

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