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Pacific Tiger International case study

InTouch and Pacific Tiger International



Supplying the finest novelty products from around the world, Pacific Tiger has a reputation for quality sourcing and unmatched ingenuity in product design.

A Cooperation to Resolve Quality Issues

In late 2008, when confronted by a customer complaint about the consistency of a particular item, Pacific Tiger contacted InTouch to investigate their supplier and the materials that were being used in production. InTouch acted quickly to identified the cause of the quality failure, stabilize the supply chain, and set-up inspection procedures to prevent the issue from happening again.
By implementing a mix of supplier evaluation, product inspection, and laboratory testing services, InTouch was able to strengthen and add significant value to Pacific Tiger’s China-based supply chain. Pacific TIger continues to work with InTouch on a variety of projects including project development, product certification, and general consulting.

pacific-tiger-international1.jpgClient Testimonial

“I’m writing this letter to express our utmost satisfaction and appreciation for a job well done by the InTouch team! In mid-2008 after receiving a phone call from our buyer in the US, saying that we had a quality issue with the current stock of product, we weren’t sure where we would turn. We needed someone with expert knowledge of quality control, and with a background in sourcing from China. Your quick response brought us immediately up to speed on how and why the current product might be failing, how to advise our clients, and allowed us to forgo the option of recalling the goods.

We have been particularly pleased with your ability to work directly with our factories in China, putting in place key quality standards and inspection criteria since that first order. Andrew, thanks to you and your team at InTouch for allowing us to focus on what we do best. We’re looking forward to working with you again.”

Brenton Harris
Managing Director
Pacific Tiger International

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