"Garment Inspection Guideline" (eBook)

Get an expert view on garment inspections, assessing quality, regular tests, measuring garments, labeling laws, defect classification, and best practices.

garment inspection guideline ebook

How Should Importers Conduct Garment Inspection?

In this in-depth guideline, we offer a detailed reference guide specifically for conducting product inspection of garments. You'll get:

  • An extensive list of quality defects common to garments and how each is typically classified
  • Labeling laws & best practices
  • How to properly measure different types of garments
  • Common on-site tests for garments
  • Different fabric types
  • Photos and helpful diagrams for added clarity
If you're looking for a serious reference guide for professional inspection of garments, at nearly 100 pages long, this is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

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