"Garment Inspection Guideline" (eBook)

Get an expert view on garment inspections, assessing quality, regular tests, measuring garments, labeling laws, defect classification, and best practices.

garment inspection guideline ebook

Struggling with quality defects and other problems with your garment products?

Just knowing you need pre-shipment inspection to check for defects, nonconformances and other quality issues won't give you the clarity you need to ship your garment products with confidence. You also need to be sure that you, or the people you've entrusted to inspect your garment products, are well aware of the right checks and testing procedures needed to truly understand if the goods meet your customers' expectations.

Garments can be fairly complex products to manufacture, often needing several different production processes and materials. Combine these factors with different sizing tolerances for each item and different labeling requirements, depending on market and retailer, and it quickly becomes clear that inspecting garment products can be a real challenge.

How can you learn garment inspection like professional softlines experts? 

Congratulations! You've just found one of the most complete guides to professional garment inspection available. This in-depth guideline is 132 pages and includes charts, tables and photos of real garment inspections showing you:

  • What quality defects to look for in garments and how importers and QC professionals typically classify them
  • Common legal requirements and labeling for garments and how to ensure you're compliant
  • How to measure various garments, including measurement guides for tops, bottoms and undergarments
  • Which on-site tests and checks are vital for inspecting garments and the procedures and equipment needed for each

And the best part is, while a similar guide might cost you $30, $50 or more, this guide is yours free! You can learn from InTouch's QC experience and research right now just by filling in the form on the right.

Empower yourself! As a garment importer or overseas manufacturer, you can't afford NOT to understand the quality control process for your products. You owe it to yourself, and your customers, to get this free eBook now and start improving your product quality today. Just fill in the form and click "DOWNLOAD NOW" to request your FREE copy!

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