"How a Convenient Online Platform Simplified Lighting Quality Control for Seynave" (Case Study)

Learn how Seynave streamlined their lighting Quality Control and quality record management processes with an online quality management platform.


Managing product quality with your overseas suppliers can be a real pain. Missed calls, misunderstood requirements, delayed shipments, unsellable goods… all these challenges can keep importers awake at night.

How can you empower your suppliers to meet your quality targets and production deadlines, all while simplifying your processes so you can sleep easy at night?

Download your free copy of AQF’s case study: How a Convenient Online Platform Simplified Lighting Quality Control for Seynave. You’ll discover how an online quality management system helped improve Seynave’s Quality Control processes and more. 

This case study covers:

Seynave’s greatest challenge with managing lighting quality

As a long-time importer of lighting products into the EU, Seynave was no stranger to manufacturing overseas. They had previously worked with multiple other third-party Quality Control companies, but poor communication and ethical concerns strained their relationships with their suppliers.

Seynave needed a Quality Control company that could provide an easy and personalized solution to managing lighting quality overseas.

Key factors Seynave considered when choosing a Quality Control partner

  • Responsive customer support team: After struggling to communicate with previous Quality Control providers, Seynave sought a responsive partner who would listen to their needs and proactively communicate solutions.
  • Online quality management system: Seynave wanted to be able book inspections themselves and access all their quality records in an easy-to-use online system.
  • Cooperation-oriented: Seynave sought a partner who would collaborate with their suppliers and help them improve, so that the Quality Control inspection process was a positive experience for their suppliers too.

Learn how AQF’s online quality management platform streamlined Seynave’s lighting Quality Control processes

Regular product inspections from a collaborative Quality Control partner and access to their own online quality management system helped Seynave and their suppliers meet quality targets and inspection deadlines without delays.

With AQF’s online platform, Seynave’s entire team can easily access bookings, invoices and reports all at a moment’s notice. And they can still reference the system for reports and data to send to customs officials, suppliers and customers long after an inspection is complete.

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