“How Quality Audits Help MJS Packaging Reduce Risks and Secure Business” (Case Study)

Learn how this packaging distributor’s purchasing team evaluates new suppliers and reduces their supplier risk with third-party quality audits

Are you struggling to thoroughly evaluate potential suppliers? Are you worried you’re taking a gamble by working with a supplier you know nothing about? Do you want to bolster your supplier risk management strategy but aren’t sure how?

Download your free copy of InTouch’s case study: How Quality Audits Help MJS Packaging Reduce Risks and Secure Business. You’ll discover how a third-party quality control partner helped MJS Packaging solve these problems and more.

This case study covers:

MJS Packaging’s core purchasing challenge

MJS Packaging’s search for a quality control provider began when one of their customer’s requested a quality control report to verify packaging quality before shipment.

As MJS Packaging’s business grew, their purchasing team also realized they needed a way to evaluate their risks when working with new suppliers.

Key factors MJS Packaging’s purchasing team considered when choosing a Quality Control partner

  • “Awesome” customer service: As a packaging distributor, MJS Packaging sought a QC provider that could streamline communication related to their customer’s orders with suppliers.
  • Fast booking: MJS Packaging needed a flexible quality control provider that was easy to work with—a key part of which was booking services quickly to keep orders on track.
  • Detailed and accurate reporting: Without any “feet on the ground” in China, MJS Packaging needed an experienced QC partner who could reliably provide detailed inspection and audit reports according to their requirements.

Learn why MJS Packaging feels security manufacturing in China with InTouch’s support

From selecting suppliers to meeting their customer’s quality requirements, third-party inspections and quality audits have placed MJS Packaging in a safer business position.

With more insight and clarity into overseas operations, MJS Packaging can better protect their interests during key negotiations with suppliers and customers. InTouch’s comprehensive supplier reviews are now a central part of MJS Packaging’s decision-making process when evaluating suppliers.  

Just because you’re manufacturing abroad doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lack of clarity into your supplier’s operations. Learn how InTouch’s quality audits, based on ISO 9001 industry standards, can fit into your supplier risk management strategy today.

If you’re ready to learn how MJS Packaging reduced their supplier risk when manufacturing in China, just fill in the form on this page and click "DOWNLOAD NOW" to get this case study now!

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