Industrial Equipment Inspections

Industrial Equipment

Wherever you are manufacturing a product in Asia, quality control is a necessary process that needs to occur before shipment. Industrial equipment is no exception. AQF offers industrial equipment inspection services so that you can put your mind at ease knowing that QC professionals have got you covered.

AQF Inspects Industrial Equipment Including:

Storage vesselsindustrial-equipment-inspections.jpg

Storage vessels perform a variety of functions depending on the industry and application they are being used in. They can be used to hold individual fluids or other materials, fitted with devices to mix materials, or to sequester hazardous waste or byproducts on-site.


Manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations, cranes are most often used to move heavy objects such as shipping containers and components of larger structures or machines. Cranes can be either stationary or mobile on both land and sea.

Metallurgical equipment

Nearly all industrial projects require a degree of metal working at some stage. Metallurgical equipment comprises any machine or system used to bend, weld, blank, pierce, mill, or otherwise modify metals such as steel and aluminum.

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