Advanced Corrosion Services

Maritime Equipment

Any equipment or vehicles operating in a maritime environment will be subjected to conditions that will accelerate corrosion. The majority of anti-corrosion system failures can be directly attributed to sub-standard surface preparation or mixing of coating materials prior to application. Corrosion can be a very costly point of damage to maritime equipment.

AQF’s Advanced Corrosion Servicescorrosion1.jpg

AQF has developed a suite of services to address your corrosion concerns, including R&D of novel anti-corrosion coating formulations, coating selection and coating inspections. AQF can even train your suppliers in the correct preparation of coating materials, mixing and application procedures for your specific anti-corrosion needs.

Major Checkpoints for Quality Assurance

  • Contamination and structural defects have been removed from the substrate prior to surface preparation operations
  • Weather conditions are within the specified tolerances
  • The surface preparation and coatings application equipment are adequate to produce the desired results considering the project scope and conditions of work
  • The surface preparation is achieving the specified results with respect to cleanliness and surface roughness
  • The coatings materials conform to client-specifications
  • The coatings are properly mixed and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications’ requirements
  • The coatings system has been applied to the specified dry film thickness and is free of defects
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