Maritime Equipment Inspections

Maritime Equipment

In addition to acute corrosion concerns, Maritime equipment and facilities must cope with the stresses of loading, unloading, stacking, and transport of heavy intermodal freight containers. During Maritime Equipment Inspections, AQF auditors will determine whether your existing equipment is mechanically sound and meets OSHA and American Bureau of Shipping standards for operational safety, in addition to identifying any corrosion related defects.

Intermodal Freight Containersshipping-containers.jpg

Essential to domestic and international trade, intermodal containers are specially designed to transition from one mode of transport to another without unloading and reloading. These containers are constructed of corrugated weathering steel, and vary in length from 8 feet to 56 feet. These containers are used to move nearly every kind of cargo, with special container configurations for certain types of cargo such as ventilated (for organics), refrigerated (for perishables), and tanker (for fluids) containers. 

Reach Stackers

Reach Stackers are popular and flexible container-handling vehicles employed at many small and medium sized seaports. They are used to move containers short distances within the port, as well as load and unload them from trucks and other forms of transportation.

Gantry CranesMaritime-Equipment-Inspections.jpg

Gantry Cranes are large, dockside cranes that are specially designed to load and unload intermodal freight containers from container ships. These huge machines are classified by their lifting capacity, and by the size of the container ships they are capable of servicing. The largest gantry cranes are capable of hoisting up to four 20 foot containers simultaneously, in order to load or unload them from ships of up to 22 containers wide.

Marine Vessels

Ranging from gigantic container ships to small personal watercraft and even buoys, marine vessels encompass any sea-going vessel or equipment. Depending on the specific purpose of the vessel, a number of international regulatory standards are enforced during the construction and operation of marine vessels.

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