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Power and Utilities

Power and Utilities solutions, especially in the field of renewable energy, must be brought to market swiftly in order to capitalize on the latest technology. Manufacturing equipment to serve these industries cannot be subject to unnecessary project delays – such as those due to communications difficulties and reaction time lags due to time differences. Power and Utility Equipment Project Management is often helpful to ensure that the equipment meets quality standards and ships on time.

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Ensuring that your equipment is of the highest possible quality and beginning operations on schedule are not mutually exclusive. Running concurrent with all other services offered by InTouch, our project management programs provide you with real-time updates on the progress of your project. Our auditors will thoroughly monitor each step of production – from materials acquisition to shipment – and provide you with a Gantt Chart to visualize exactly which processes are threatening your deadline. InTouch can then work with your suppliers to address these issues before they cause unacceptable delays.

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