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Factory Audit Services in Pakistan

Verifying your supplier in Pakistan before placing an order

Why it's important to audit your factory Pakistan?

Auditing a potential supplier’s factory is typically the final step in the sourcing process. How can you be certain that your supplier is fully capable of meeting your requirements without seeing the factory?

factory-audits-pakistan.jpgBy auditing your supplier’s factory in Pakistan, you can confirm that it has:

  • The necessary equipment needed to consistently manufacture your products
  • Adequate processes in place to manage product quality
  • The production capacity to handle your order quantities
  • Staff employed voluntarily, who work in safe conditions, receive legal wages and benefits and are of legal age to work

An audit of the factory gives you the transparency to avoid working with suppliers that don’t meet your needs. It’s especially important to audit factories in developing countries like Pakistan, where social compliance standards for supplier may not have the full support of law enforcement. It may be illegal to have staff working in unsafe factory facilities, for example. But it’s difficult for you to be sure that a supplier is compliant with local law without conducting a professional audit.

AQF’s factory audits in Pakistan

AQF is experienced in conducting factory audits in Pakistan and elsewhere in Asia. Our team of professional auditors have audited factories across all industries, including textile, kitchenware and electronics.

If you’re concerned about a factory’s quality management systems, we can help with an audit based on the related ISO 9001 standard. If you’re more interested in making sure your supplier meets the sourcing standards of a particular brand or retailer, we’ll audit the facility based on the specific framework that applies.

If you’ve decided to import goods from Pakistan, think about auditing your supplier first. An audit is one of the best ways to avoid mistakes that could have been preventing long before placing your first order.