AQF Service Guide

Discover the full range of AQF's quality control solutions for importers and manufacturers. Product inspection, supplier audits, lab testing and more.


Would you like to learn more about how Asia Quality Focus can help you in Asia? Let us send you our free Service Guide, a detailed brochure covering:

  • AQF’s service locations and coverage areas
  • Product inspection to make sure your product meets your requirements before shipping
  • Supplier evaluations based on ISO 9001 to verify your supplier’s quality management systems
  • Quality control documentation development to clarify your expectations for your product
  • Compliance auditing to assess your supplier's compliance with SA8000, GMP,  CTPAT or other international frameworks
  • Product certification and lab testing to confirm that your product meets requirements and regulations in your market

Whatever your situation with manufacturing in Asia—from the product development and planning phase all the way to when your goods leave the factory—AQF has you covered for quality control and oversight needs.

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