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Project Management Services in China

Good project management and supplier collaboration is critical in the automotive industry, given short cycle times combined with regular design changes from the yearly application updates and new models. InTouch helps manufacturers of automotive components to adhere to project objectives and deadlines through project management.

Why Trust InTouch with Your Automotive Products and Equipment?

At InTouch we know that product and manufacturing information must be transmitted efficiently and reliably from the client to vendor, with zero ambiguity and clear understanding on the vendor’s part of what happens next (and after next).
automotive-project-management.jpgGiving deadlines and goals to the supplier is vital but they can be useless if unachievable. InTouch’s project managers will uncover your supplier’s true lead time capability and our staff will follow-up regularly to validate that work is being done at the factory. If there is any hint of delay, InTouch will inform you immediately with a proposed solution to get back on-track.

With InTouch’s accessibility to suppliers and fluent Chinese speakers we are much more likely to pick up on important details and signs of straying from the project goals. Our cross-cultural knowledge also allows vendors to feel more comfortable communicating disruptions and non-conformances in the first instance.
China suppliers often underestimate the importance of getting it right the first time and ensuring samples are representative of production parts. InTouch will ensure your vendor understands exacting sample requirements and the function of samples in the whole scheme of production.

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