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If you have found a supplier you think will be able to produce your goods in China but want to collect some basic information for reassurance before placing your first order, InTouch can help. Supplier verification is an important step in the sourcing process to ensure you’re working with a qualified supplier.

How InTouch Verifies Supplierschina-supplier-verification.jpg

We can quickly assess the legal status of your potential supplier by evaluating their business licenses and certifications. InTouch will also collect any references your supplier is willing to release so that you can follow up with their previous clients.

The key value of InTouch Supplier Verification services is that we can call upon years of China manufacturing experience to ask the most important questions of your factory, and report our findings and recommendations quickly.

The Benefits of Supplier Verification

  • Secure your China purchase by working with an InTouch Verified Supplier.
  • We check tangible government documents to see whether your supplier is who they claim to be and confirm their history.
  • In order to have a valid contract with a Chinese supplier you need the right person signing the right documents – with InTouch’s China Supplier Verification, you will.
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