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Defect Removal and Destruction

Let the QC Experts Verify the Destruction of Any Unwanted Defective Products

On occasion, a buyer may need to scrap an entire order of product. But there’s often a concern that the supplier might repackage these goods and distribute them. The most effective way to make sure rejected quantities of your order are not repacked for shipment or resold through non-sanctioned distribution channels is by removal and destruction.

Key Elements of Defect Removal and Destruction Services:

  • InTouch staff sort through your order at the factory before shipment and remove any defective or sub-standard products
  • 100% guarantee that every piece in your shipment is of the highest quality.
  • Especially useful for high value items such as watches and jewelry, and also items that can have no specification deviation such as machinery parts
  • Ensure that defective branded merchandise does not find its way onto store shelves or into illegitimate markets, preserving consumer confidence in your brand

Verifying Destruction

In some cases although a significant portion of a production run may be found with defects, it’s urgent that the acceptable product is shipped out immediately. And for our clients who are shipping branded merchandise it’s absolutely essential that such defective items don’t end up slipping out the factory’s “back door” or end up in illegitimate markets.

defect-removal-and-destruction3.jpgInTouch QA professionals act as direct representatives of your company and handle sorting the good from the bad, while following any specific instructions you may have. We’ll verify the destruction of unauthorized merchandise and ensure that only the finest products are shipped to you and your clients.

Each Defect Removal and Destruction service is followed up with a full report detailing our findings. These reports contain comprehensive images of the defects found and removed, as well as counts of both total order quantity and defective units found. InTouch can also confirm adherence to any specific client requirements regarding the method of defective product destruction, to ensure that unsustainable practices are not associated with your products.


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