Optics Inspections

AQF Verifies the Precision of Your Optics

Examples of optical items we have inspected include various glasses, binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. Both durability and precision are key requirements for our clients that manufacture optics. Whether the application is stargazing or viewing stem cells in the bio medical field, AQF has the experienced engineers needed to verify both product quality and spec.

Recommended for Every Shipment

  • optics inspectionDuring each Optics Inspection our specialized optics team inspects your product with an astute awareness to anti-reflective coatings, glass (prism) quality, transmission and illumination performance, eyepieces, zoom function, focus, casing, tripods and tripod adapters
  • Glasses frames are checked on-site for durability, hinge performance, assembly, and numerous other checkpoints
  • Samples are drawn on-site for Optics Lab Testing

Why Enlist the Help of Professionals for Optics Inspection?

Defective lenses and mirrors can render nearly any piece of optical equipment useless. As part of each Optics Inspection, products such as microscopes and telescopes are thoroughly tested for functionality of zoom and focus adjustment as well as electrical systems where applicable.

AQF auditors scrutinize the most crucial components of your optical products or components, ensuring that they can focus and reflect light to within client-specified tolerances. Corrective and recreational eye-wear is evaluated for lens and frame surface defects, as well as for properly tightened hardware and durability.

If you manage a brand, retail operation, or have clients that are relying on you to provide a quality product in every shipment then do not settle for inspection companies who use untrained and underpaid local inspectors.

AQF QA teams are trained and our inspectors often have an engineering background. We’ll make sure you have the right team for the job and that your products are getting evaluated carefully and with high regard for product quality. Contact AQF today and schedule your next Optics Inspection.

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