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Production Monitoring

Verify the Production Process by Maintaining A Team of QC Experts On-Site for Ongoing Monitoring

Unlike final inspections, production monitoring does not take a random sample of a finished order. Instead, your products are inspected at multiple points on the assembly line before they are ever packaged. When defects are identified, the affected products are removed from the line and separated in order to be reworked in accordance with your quality standards.

Why Implement Production Monitoring with InTouch

If your supplier has failed multiple pre-shipment inspections for the same recurring defects, you may want to consider production monitoring services from InTouch. Production monitoring allows you to drastically reduce the amount of defective items that are packaged and shipped – saving you both time and money. Here’s how InTouch’s effective production monitoring program can benefit you:

  • The InTouch technical department examines an approved sample of your product and records all dimensions, product production-monitoring.jpgmarkings, shipper carton markings, and functions.
  • A comprehensive In-Line QC Checklist and quality standards are developed so that the critical aspects of your product are inspected at the appropriate points during each stage of production.
  • InTouch quality technicians are trained to identify and communicate all defects found to your supplier. These technicians are on the factory floor at any time your goods are being produced.
  • QC reports are issued to you daily so that you know the type and quantity of defects found in your items before they ever leave the factory.
  • Whether you decide to accept shipment, request that certain defects be rectified, or require reworking, InTouch will monitor and follow up on the factory’s implementation of your decision.



InTouch production monitoring services are customizable and combinable with other InTouch services to meet the specific needs of your product and organization. Truly the highest standard in quality control, production monitoring allows InTouch to represent your quality standards at all times, as if you were in the factory yourself.

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