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Product Inspection Services in Singapore

Pre-shipment inspection remains one of the best and only ways you can verify that your supplier has met your product requirements and other expectations before your goods exit the factory. With product inspection in Singapore, InTouch provides you with detailed reporting of the status, quality and condition of your shipment, typically within just 2-6 hours of service completion. With a Western-managed QC team experienced in various product categories, including electronics, cookware and textiles, you can be confident you'll have expert feet on the ground checking your products.


Factory Audits in Singapore

Almost always recommended before placing the first order, auditing a supplier's facility helps you determine if that supplier is suitable for you. Audits can vary in scope, from checking quality management systems or security, to verifying conformance to the sourcing standards of a particular brand or retailer. A factory audit can help you narrow your search for suppliers, while helping you avoid working with suppliers with serious labor violations or other problems. InTouch offers importers transparency and insight with factory audits in Singapore.

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Our real-time inspection management system and dedicated client managers allow us to issue same-day inspection reports, allowing you to make timely decisions.


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InTouch has an industry-leading Code of Ethics that keeps your interests on top. Offering you a better service comes from our collective integrity and a singular focus on your needs.


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InTouch makes it easy to evaluate our process and effectiveness firsthand. Start and stop services at your discretion, with no on-going commitments. Our team will be ready when you need us.

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