Chinese manufacturing often gets a bad reputation which prevents many companies from taking advantage of the numerous benefits. In reality, Chinese manufacturers are making huge improvements to processes, capabilities, and overall quality of work. 

If you are considering sourcing from China, you probably have questions and concerns regarding product quality and durability. Here are a few lesser-known facts about Chinese manufacturing to pique your interest and some tips for success:

1) China Is the World's Largest Manufacturer of Electronic Components

4 Interesting Facts About Chinese Manufacturing

China continues to dominate the marketplace as the world's largest exporter of electronic products. Key products include mobile phones, computers, televisions, and core replacement components for these devices. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese exports surged by over 20% at the end of 2020, with electronics playing a major role in the increase.

2) Chinese Manufacturing Is Thriving Despite Labor Shortages

A growing number of Chinese manufacturers are turning to robots and other forms of automation to make sure they maintain their competitive edge in the global manufacturing landscape. Advances in robotics and automation enabled China to quickly rebound after experiencing labor shortages during COVID-19. This trend is expected to continue through 2025 and beyond.

3) Chinese Manufacturers Also Focus on Customer Service

While Chinese manufacturers are often known for their affordable pricing, many business owners are surprised to learn that Chinese manufacturers often take a proactive approach to customer service. Proponents of Chinese outsourcing note that suppliers are quick to return phone calls, respond to inquiries, and deliver status updates on shipments. Additionally, they are sometimes more willing to work with startups and small businesses who are unable to meet the large minimum order quantities required by European or American suppliers.

4) Quality Is a Top Priority for Chinese Manufacturers

chinese factoryIt is a common misconception that Chinese products are of a low quality. However, most leading manufacturers will invest in the right talent, equipment, and materials to produce high-quality goods. 

Trusted manufacturers will also demonstrate a keen awareness of quality control by taking steps before, during, and after each production cycle to make sure components and products adhere to specifications. However, these specifications must be provided before signing the contract

Finding Success When Sourcing From China

When sourcing materials from China, it is important to remember that no two factories follow the same process and hold the same standards. In order to ensure that your product arrives as expected, it is highly recommended that you work with a third-party quality control company in China. They will be able to carry out inspections before, during, and after production to identify defects at every stage.

Asia Quality Focus is committed to ensuring that the manufacturer you choose is focused on quality control. Through product inspections and factory audits, we will assess both suppliers and individual shipments. Contact us to learn more or sign up for AQF Online today!

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