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3 Benefits of Import/Export Software for Wholesale/Distribution Companies

by Russ Davidson on 21 Nov 2018 | 0 Comments
Plenty of importing software was built for the wholesale and distribution industry. Finding the right software can help you achieve goals and grow profits. But what should your software include? And how do you choose the best software for your needs?

Majority of U.S. Firms in China are Eyeing Relocation

by Synnove Vandal on 18 Nov 2018 | 0 Comments
Firms in China eyeing relocation, Chinese IP reform, social compliance programs, improving delivery service and China seeks trade support in this week's roundup.

Topics: Best in Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Social Compliance

How to Write a Purchase Order to Protect Your Overseas Shipment

by John Niggl on 13 Nov 2018 | 1 Comment
Issuing an effective purchase order is critical for protecting your international shipment, but what is it? And why is having certain information on your PO so vital to successful manufacturing?

Topics: Manufacturing Tips & Advice

Is Your eCommerce Business Prepared for a Cybersecurity Attack?

by Synnove Vandal on 11 Nov 2018 | 0 Comments
Cybersecurity attacks, supplier relationships, sustainable fashion, simple design and protecting IP in this week's roundup.

Topics: Best in Manufacturing, Textile Products, Social Compliance

How Quality Audits Help MJS Packaging Reduce Risks and Secure Business (Case Study)

by Maegan Burkhart on 7 Nov 2018 | 0 Comments
Avoid the trial and error of evaluating overseas suppliers. You can learn from MJS Packaging’s purchasing team and manage your risks.

Topics: Packaging, Sourcing, Auditing Factories

Is Shipping from China About to Get a Lot More Expensive?

by Synnove Vandal on 4 Nov 2018 | 0 Comments
Universal Postal Union pullout, enticing holiday shoppers, Toys R Us liquidation, India's draft electronics policy and fast fashion nearshoring in this week's roundup.

Topics: Best in Manufacturing, Textile Products, Consumer Electronics

FSVP Compliance for Food Importers: How a Third Party Can Help

by Crystal Ge on 31 Oct 2018 | 0 Comments
The FDA is currently focused on cooperating with food importers to develop a FSVP. But enforcement will likely increase as FSVP becomes more established. There’s no better time to develop a FSVP than now.

Topics: Legal Requirements, Auditing Factories

Is Your Supplier Acting as a Front for Prison Labor?

by Synnove Vandal on 28 Oct 2018 | 0 Comments
Suppliers using prison labor, Pret a Manger deaths, robot employees, Dixon's domestic incentives and lean production in this week's roundup.

Topics: Auditing Factories, Sourcing, Social Compliance, Best in Manufacturing

23 Fabric Defects to Look Out for During Fabric Inspection

by Samantha Lim on 23 Oct 2018 | 2 Comments
Your customers should never discover fabric defects in any of your products. Knowing these defects will ensure they never surprise you or your customers.

Topics: Product Inspection, Textile Products

Clause In U.S. Mexico and Canada Agreement Could Limit China Trade

by Synnove Vandal on 21 Oct 2018 | 0 Comments
USMCA impacts China trade, first U.S. information security law, distributor education, Tesla delivery logistics and Nylon 6,6 shortage in this week's roundup.

Topics: Internet of Things (IoT), Legal Requirements, Consumer Electronics, Best in Manufacturing