Prepare Your Supply Chain for Lunar New Year 2024

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Sourcing from China? Prepare Your Supply Chain for Lunar New Year 2024

If you source your brand’s products from Chinese manufacturers, it's important to be aware of the Lunar New Year (also called Chinese New Year) and how it will affect your supply chain. During the 2024 Lunar New Year, which falls on February 9-15, 2024, factories will shut down, shipping will slow, and product defects may increase. Not only does that create difficulty around the Lunar New Year, but it can also make it more difficult for you to get the inventory you need in the period immediately before the holiday, when some facilities may limit production, and after the holiday, when it takes time for many factories to ramp back up to full production.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Quality Control Service to A Trusted Third Party

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Quality control services ensure products meet predefined standards of quality – and in any industry, maintaining high-quality standards is paramount for success. Many businesses initially prefer internal quality control teams for several reasons, including proximity and availability. However, many factors, like budgeting, talent availability, and others, may soon make outsourcing appealing.

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3 Holiday Decor Trends for 2023

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It’s no secret that the holiday decor industry is thriving; in 2022 alone, the global market for Christmas decorations was estimated to be worth more than $7 billion (U.S.). With the 2023 holiday season approaching, home decor brands have a golden opportunity to enhance their customers' festivities and secure their spot in this multi-billion dollar industry by producing on-trend home decor products.

Holiday Decoration Safety Standards for U.S. Importers

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The last thing you want as a U.S. holiday decoration importer is to find out your products have been denied by customs, rejected by Amazon, or recalled by regulatory agencies because they didn’t meet the relevant product safety standards. Implementing a robust home decor quality control and testing program can help protect you from these negative outcomes — but how do you know which product safety standards to check for in the first place?

Manufacturing LED Lights: Important Stats You Need To Know

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In 2019, approximately half of all light sources in the world were LEDs. That number is expected to climb to 87% by the year 2030.

11 Injection Molding Defects and How to Prevent Them

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Injection molding is a common manufacturing process used to make components made of metals, polymers, glasses, confections and other materials. Pellets of material are melted and then injected at high pressure into a mold that will set to form the desired component. Here are 11 common injection molding defects to watch out for when inspecting injection-molded products, what the causes are and how you can avoid them.

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Lessons Learned From 4 Lighting Product Recalls

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Product recalls can do a number on your brand’s reputation. Imagine one of your customers purchases your lighting product only for it to short circuit and cause an electrical fire. Now imagine the lawsuit and bad publicity that would follow soon after. 

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Quality Control Tips for Small Home Décor Businesses

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Running small home décor businesses comes with its own set of challenges, and maintaining quality control is crucial for long-term success. Customers expect nothing but the best, making it imperative for you to implement effective quality control measures. In this guide, we will provide valuable insights and tips to help your business thrive in the competitive home décor market.

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A Guide to Manufacturing Sporting Goods

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In the fast-paced world of sports retail, the demand for high-quality and innovative sporting goods continues to grow. From athletic apparel to cutting-edge equipment, sports brands are constantly striving to meet the expectations of athletes and enthusiasts. But the journey from conceptualizing a product to seeing it on the shelves involves a complex process of manufacturing and preparation. 

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Why Sports Equipment Safety Testing is Necessary

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Product safety testing is more than a formality, especially when it comes to sports equipment. Unfortunately, up and coming brands may overlook this aspect of the manufacturing process, due to budget or time constraints, and leave themselves vulnerable to product failures, recalls, and even lawsuits that can tarnish the brand reputation.

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4 Critical Quality Controls For Cosmetics Packaging