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Area rugs are defined as a form of a floor covering that covers a specific space of a room. The area rugs are usually used to enhance or beautify a space at home or in the office. Area rugs found in the market today are made of animal skin, plant fibers, fabrics and synthetic materials.

Some of the inspection tests and standards that come into consideration at InTouch Quality in developing area rug inspection protocols include:

  • TC 38 ISO Textile Standards
  • LEED Indoor Environment C4.3 Standard
  • California Section 01350 Standard
  • Clean Air Certified Wool Certification
  • ASTM D6719 - 10 Standard for Pile Yarn
  • ASTM D4723 - 07e2 Flammability Test
  • Conformitee Europeen Marking
  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Carpets and Rugs Institute Certification
  • CRI Green Label and Green Label Plus Certification
  • AATCC Test Method 165-2008
  • AATCC Test Method 171-2010
  • AATCC Test Method 137-2007

As area rugs are used indoors in residential and commercial establishments, manufacturers must ensure that the area rugs do not emit any hazardous toxins in the air which can affect one’s health and well being.


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