Audio products are one of the most popular innovations to the world. Over the years, audio products have vastly improved. Audio product manufacturers in China are the top manufacturers of high quality and inexpensive audio products.

InTouch is the leading audio products inspection and quality control services provider in China.
Some of the well-known and international standards which we use to develop our inspection programs include:

  • UL 60065
    The Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. created the UL 60065 standard to provide the safety requirements for audio products and related devices.The UL 60065 covers audio products for household and general use, as well as those used in public establishments.
  • UL 813
    UL 813 covers the safety requirements for audio products intended for use in commercial establishments. Professional loudspeakers and amplifiers for concert halls and stadiums are the most common devices included in this standard.
  • CEA-11
    CEA-11 provides the characteristics that determine high quality turntables and the specific test methods for measuring their values. Some of the specifications included in this standard include speed, speed drift, the wow and flutter, the signal to rumble ratio, the signal to noise ratio, and the pitch adjustment range.
  • IEC 61096
    IEC 61096 cover the characteristics for evaluating the performance of CD players, and the test methods of their measurement.
  • ANSI/CEA 2017-A
    ANSI/CEA 2017-A covers the connectors used in CD players, MP3 players, and other portable audio devices that pass digital signal and/or power between these devices and their speaker systems.
  • ANSI/CEA 2010
    The ANSI/CEA 2010 was developed to cover the performance evaluation procedures for powered subwoofers intended for use indoors.
  • IEC 60268-3
    The IEC 60268-3 standard is used to cover the performance evaluation procedures for household and professional use amplifiers.Additionally, Audio products sold in different regions across the world are required to possess specific safety markings and legal certifications. The RoHS, CE, and UL are the most commonly used markings. InTouch is experienced in validating the authenticity and limits of these marks and certifications.


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