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Choosing the right bedding is very crucial when it comes to our health. The average number of hours a person sleeps on bedding is about 8 hours a day. For this reason, manufacturers must ensure that the bedding they produce adhere to the standards developed by various organizations, independent testing laboratories and agencies.
InTouch has been inspecting and testing bedding products produced in China for export, for over 5 years. Our auditors are trained in a variety of home textiles and know the intricacies of these products.

A few key bedding inspection and quality control standards that are used at InTouch in the creation of a good testing and inspection program:

Asthma and Allergy Certification Program
The Asthma and Allergy Certification Program was developed by expert medical associates and they have created a strict certification program for bedding being manufactured for the asthma and allergy consumer markets.

Allergy Standards Limited
The Allergy Standards Limited is a certification organization that developes standards for testing bedding products to determine their suitability for asthma and allergy patients.

CertiPUR-US certification seal
The CertiPUR-US certification seal determines that the materials found inside bedding are low-VOC, free from ozone-depleting CFCs and made without fire retardants.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
The Consumer Product Safety Commission developed an open flame flammability standard for bedding including the labeling to protect the public against the risk of fire.

National Institute of Standard and Technology
The National Institute of Standard and Technology developed the NIST TN 1446 Standard. This standard is used to address the hazards posed by bed fires, and implement the findings through safe inspection procedures.

American Society for Testing and Materials

The American Society for Testing and Materials developed the ASTM D6177 - 97 Standard for the Determination of Volatile Organic Chemicals Emitted from Bedding Sets.

The American Society for Testing and Materials also developed the ASTM D3181 - 10 Standard for performing wear tests on bedding. This standard is used to determine the suitability, comparative performance, and evaluate and compare the effects of wear for specific fabrics, fibers, dyeings, and finishings.


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