Trust serves as the foundation to a healthy business relationship, no matter what field in which you find yourself working. The problem arises when you need to build a trustworthy relationship with representatives of a supplier on the other side of the world who do not speak your language. Trust is necessary between a buyer and their supplier in order to survive in global business. But in China, you should be extra careful when choosing business partners. Part of being careful means carrying out product inspections, and the best way to be careful is by being having China QC.

China QC as a Cautionary Measure

Why exercise more caution in China? It is fairly common to hear stories about Chinese suppliers taking people’s money without delivering the promised satisfactory products. Even worse, some factory owners could disappear with your money altogether! Although China has come a long way in the last 10 years, there are still plenty of unethical suppliers out there looking to con an unsuspecting foreigner. Product inspection has become an essential aspect of Chinese manufacturing because one simply cannot be sure of what their supplier in another corner of the world is producing without checking it. Product inspection is one of the few dependable ways to protect yourself from being scammed and receiving lower quality product than you paid for.china qc

Buying from China is just like buying an expensive piece of furniture or any other high-end product. Would you blindly order an expensive product right off the internet without seeing the product first-hand? Or would you go to the actual store to check and verify the product before making the purchase? The majority of people will go into the store and see what they are actually buying before any kind of financial transaction takes place.

For most people, constantly traveling across the world to meet with suppliers is far too much trouble and can rack up some serious expenses. If it's too costly for you to check the products yourself, wouldn't it make sense to get someone else to do it for you? You should never allow the supplier to ship goods without having an idea of the product quality. Make sure quality control is carried out through routine product inspections on your order. Hiring a third-party inspector will save you time, money and the endless amount of headaches that can arise from working with a bad supplier.

Benefits of China QC

Third-party QC has the ability to provide you with details regarding your products throughout the manufacturing process and before shipment. If you want to be more thorough, product inspection can be carried out during different production stages in order to make sure quality is up to your standards and defects can be china qccaught early enough for rework. (For more, see Why Inspect During Production?). Once production is done, it's often difficult to get the factory to actually rework the finished product. A representative will often say the factory will be reworked before shipping, but most of the time, they will ship it regardless and leave you to sort out the problem yourself. And even if they do rework, the risk of other defects appearing during the rework process is extremely likely. Most of the time when there is further manipulation of the product, it is possible to create a whole new defect when trying to fix another. For this reason, it’s sometimes better to accept a failing inspection result if defects aren’t too serious or numerous.


If you think about it, the cost of China QC hardly compares to what it would cost you if you received a container full of unsellable product. Sourcing in China is still competitive and has endless cost-saving benefits. But one has to be smart about approaching product quality and take the right precautions. In the end, conducting a product inspection of your order is one of the only ways you can level the playing field and gain some leverage when manufacturing in any foreign country.


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