copper-cookwareWith growing concerns regarding health and the environment, the public has been very careful in choosing their cookware. Today, people invest in good cookware as they are aware of the importance of cooking food in cookware that are certified to be safe and fit for consumer use. Copper cookware is the favored choice of chefs.

Some of the associations and standards related to copper cookware inspection include:

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard is used for the safety and protection of consumers. All UL EPH marks signifies that the cookware has been independently tested and has validated the safety of the products.

Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act 52 -08 (FDA)

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act regulation FDA Food Code 2009: Annex 3 - Public Health Reasons / Administrative Guidelines - Chapter 4, Equipment, Utensils, and Linens; and Import Alert 52-08 which represents the current guidance regarding the types of cookware that might have excessive hazardous elements.

European Economic Community (EEC)

The EEC Standards on Cookware BS DD CEN/TS 12983-2 general and specific requirements on cookware used on top of the stove, cooker or hob.

American Society for Testing Material (ASTM)copper

The American Society for Testing Materials include standards such as ASTM B824 - 11 Standard Specification for General Requirements for Copper Alloy Castings and ASTM E255 - 07 Standard Practice for Sampling Copper and Copper Alloys for the Determination of Chemical Composition.

Cookware Manufacturers Association (CMA)

The Cookware Manufacturers Association requires the Polyethylene Bag Marking. Manufacturers should consult with polyethylene bag manufacturers to make certain such bags comply with applicable regulations.

Copper Cookware are not known to be hazardous unlike other cookware that must pass the stringent measures required by numerous countries. In fact, copper cookware that are not coated or lined with tin or stainless steel are safe to use as long as the cookware is cleaned and polished regularly. But like any other consumer products, copper cookware manufacturing must undergo quality control tests and inspections during the different stages of manufacturing.

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