Deodorant is one of the personal products in China that is being manufactured at a cheaper quality due to cheaper raw material costs. Deodorant inspections are rarely being performed during each stage of the process. It's crucial to ensure product inspection is being carried out through every stage, even during the manufacturing process.

Key Steps in the Manufacturing Process of Deodorant

The Deodorant Batching Process

The batching process consists of combining the ingredients in jacketed stainless steel kettle. Steam heat is then used to melt the ingredients during the mixing of the batch. During this process, it is crucial to carefully watch the temperature as you could burn the waxy ingredients. The mixture is blended until all the ingredients have been added.

The Deodorant Filling Process

Deodorant sticks are usually made out of a hollow tube with a platform inside that moves up or down to dispense the product. The deodorant sticks travel along a conveyor belt where the mixed ingredients are dispensed through the filling nozzle. The process will vary, this will depend on whether the deodorant stick is created to be filled from the top or bottom of the stick. Deodorant is dispensed slightly above its congealing temperature so that the flow is consistent and slow. If it is filled at a hot temperature, the deodorant could settle to the bottom in a liquid form or if it the stick is filled too cold, the air bubbles will be trapped inside the deodorant.

The Final Finishing Operations

Sticks will go through several finishing operations to ensure the deodorant surface is smooth and that it is free from air pockets. This operation involves heating the surface of the deodorant stick by passing them under an infrared light. A rod is then pierced into the center of the deodorant stick so that air can escape and the top is heated again to re-melt the product, allowing the deodorant to properly settle. The deodorant stick will then pass through a refrigeration tunnel that will lower the temperature of the deodorant and force it to solidify. A solid piece is put into place to seal the container.

Safety testing guidelines are recommended to be followed by CTFA (the Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Fragrance Association) , the main trade organization in the cosmetic and personal care industry. These are not rules set in stone, so this will give deodorant manufacturers in China a lot of play when it comes to a standard of testing that should be followed to ensure their products are safe for their consumers.


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