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Classification of Dressers:

Dressers are one of the basic pieces of furniture used in bedrooms to store clothing and under garments. The majority of dressers are made from wooden materials and today, they are not only functional but are well designed to add beauty to any room. There are 2 main types of dressers offered to consumers.

  • Double Dresser
    A double dresser has six to nine of drawers on the dresser. Double dressers provide consumers a large amount of storage for clothing and undergarments.
  • Vanity Dresser
    A Vanity dresser is a smaller sized antique dresser with a mirror, built-in jewelry armoires and a small bench. Vanity dressers bring beauty and elegance into any bedroom.

Like any other furniture found in the market today, manufacturers must employ stringent standards in the entire manufacturing process. This will ensure that the dressers are safe and not hazardous, are made of durable materials, and meets the standards set by reputable organizations and agencies.

At InTouch, when creating a checklist or inspection procedure for dressers, here are some of the standards/concepts that we keep in mind:
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI/BIFMA) Furniture Sustainability Standard E3 / 2010 is used to determine the sustainable attributes of dressers. The standard will include criteria for evaluating material selection.
ISO 27528/2009
The International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Standard 27528 / 2009 specifies a dresser inspection used for determining the resistance of wood-based panels to the withdrawal of screws under axial load.

ISO 7171/1988
The International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Standard 7171 / 1988 is used to evaluate free-standing dressers that are fully assembled and ready for consumer use.

ASTM D3023/ 1998
The American Society for Testing Material’s (ASTM) Determination of the Resistance of various Coatings on Wooden Dressers Standard D3023 / 98 covers evaluation of clear factory-applied coating systems on wood dressers.

GreenGuard Certification
The Indoor Air Quality GreenGuard Certification certifies dressers for low-emitting building materials, and non toxic coating finishes.


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