Quality control should always be on your list even under lockdown. Here we summarized some feasible solutions to support your quality control under challenges.

If you are manufacturing in China or sourcing from China, you probably have already heard of the new wave of COVID-19 and how is it affecting daily life and operations in China. Especially if your suppliers are based in Shenzhen or Shanghai, the operations are now under serious impact due to the lockdown policy. According to the latest government notice, Shenzhen, a city widely regarded as China's Silicon Valley, and its neighbor Dongguan is under lockdown from March 14th to March 20th. Meanwhile, Shanghai, where many multinational enterprises are based, is also under lockdown since March 13 until further notice.

How To Conduct Quality Control When Your Manufacturing Hub Is Under Lockdown

Quality Control Still Matters

With the restricted travels of buyers, product managers, and quality control teams, some might ignore the quality control part of the supply chain. Sometimes the brands might just skip the quality control as they want to meet a tight shipping deadline. But no matter how hard the supply chain disruption is, customers will still focus on the quality of the products. Actually, under the current economic environment, customers might even care more about the product quality as they want every money well-spent. Thus, product quality control remains essential to brands and suppliers.

If you are the brand sourcing overseas, what are the feasible solutions to persist in providing high-quality products? As a professional expert on quality control, AQF suggests the below methods.

Remote Inspection

One of the common ways is remote inspection. Literally speaking, remote inspection is the same inspection that is usually done, just the inspector will not be on-site but direct it remotely. Before conducting a remote inspection, the technical team will still prepare a detailed checklist with all the checkpoints and special requirements needed. Then the inspector and the factory will book a time to connect and check the products in real-time. Usually, it will be the factory staff holding a camera and recording everything. You may also join online to monitor the whole process.

Online Training

Chances are that you want to build your own team to cater to the constantly changing situation and have closer control over your products. For these ideas, our online training can support your needs. Prior to the training, AQF will study your requirements and your products. You can also share your challenges so AQF can customize the training to better support you. Generally, the training will cover:

  • Product overview
  • Inspection process training
  • Important checkpoints overview
  • Special requirements review
  • Case Studies (if applies)
  • Suggestions per experience


Quality control should always be on your list. Whatever stage you are, trying to find a supplier, halfway through the production, or ready to ship the products out, quality control should be there to ensure your product quality and ensure your brand reputation. Contact AQF today to talk to our expert and find the right solutions for your product quality control.

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