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The manufacturing of furniture for export in China has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. It's an integral part of the buying process to ensure that you inspect all furniture before paying.


There are various types of office desks in the market today that cater to various needs. The basic types are:

    • Computer Desks are mainly used for the computer and its peripherals. It is now one of the most common office desk found in the office workspace. Information and data are often stored in computers and the desks are styled to match the needs of the employees.
    • Executive Desks are high end desks that caters to the needs of executives and the top brass of the company. Functional and classy, these desks are meant to reflect the success of the company. It is usually equipped with security features to ensure that important files and documents are kept safe and locked.
    • Writing Desks can be utilized as a computer or laptop desk but are usually longer and wider and has more storage space for filing needs. Writing desks are usually used by employees who need more space for other functions that cannot be found in computer desks.
    • L-Shaped Desks are multifunctional desks that provide the much needed space for computers and its peripherals, filing and writing. Usually placed in a corner, the L-Shaped desks are maximizes the space in the office.

To ensure that the office desks being manufactured are of high quality, manufacturers have implemented stringent measures regarding quality control, and standards from various organizations and agencies must be met in terms of safety and quality.

Quality Control Standards:

ASTM D6670 – 01
VOCs emitted from materials/products affect indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings. To determine the impact of these emissions on IAQ, it is necessary to know their emission rates over time.

ASTM D6207 – 03
The measured dimensional stability of a the desk materials determines whether a fabric has the potential to retain its original shape and remain stable, indicating it will not bubble or sag over time, when applied over a substrate, and its suitability for a specified use.

ISO 21016:2007
The ISO 21016:2007 is used to determine the stability, strength and durability of all types of office tables.

Forest Stewardship Council Certification
The FSC certification is a used in the quality control process as a seal of approval for the determination of good wood.
ANSI/BIFMA e3-2010
The ANSI/BIFMA e3-2010 standard is used to evaluate the sustainable attributes of office desks.


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