Power supplies of different designs, sizes, and functions are used in various applications today. The most common forms are laptop adapters, PC power supplies, handheld electronic device chargers, and uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

Being an industry leader, InTouch keeps track of the most current and relevant international standards that are used in its power supply inspection and quality control protocols. The following are just some of internationally used and recognized standards employed by InTouch:

UL 1778
This Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. safety standard for Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) is widely used in Canada and the United States. UPS are widely used in applications that requires constant power source even when mains electricity or line power is interrupted. These applications are used in server computers, hospital devices, military and security installations, and many more. By adhering to this standard, the risk of injury, fire, and electric shock related to UPS use is reduced.

IEC 61204-7
IEC 61204-7 provides the safety requirements for power supply devices producing DC such as cell phone chargers, laptop adapters, and PC power supplies. This standard includes provisions on wiring, physical requirements, electrical requirements, and marking instructions.

IEC 61204-3
IEC 61201-3 provides the test methods in the determination of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of computer and other low voltage power supplies such as cell phone chargers and laptop adapters. Electromagnetic compatibility rating is directly related to interference which is regulated and closely monitored by government agencies. By adhering to this standard, power supply suppliers will be able to avoid product recalls and/or litigation's.

IEC 61204-6
This International Electrotechnical Commission standard deals with the determination of performance of low-voltage power supplies intended for DC applications. By referring to the test methods and requirements provided in this standard, quality of power supply devices are checked, maintained, and may be improved further. Mobile phone chargers, laptop (battery) adapters, and computer power supply units are the most common types for these power supplies.

IEC 60335-2-29
Battery chargers are one of the various types of power supplies. IEC 60335-2-29 provides the safety requirements for battery chargers intended for household and light industry use.

IEC 60989
Transformers are one of the forms of power supplies. This International Electrotechnical Commission standard deals with the safety requirements for stationary and portable transformers. The most common use of transformers is converting AC to DC which is widely used in circuits and low-voltage devices.


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