The Projection TV is one of the most popular types of television sets today. Its popularity has been due to its ability to provide that sought-after cinematic experience on home entertainment systems. International standards must be used to make sure that only high quality and safe Projection TV sets are released into the market.

These TVs are basically manufactured exclusively in China. InTouch has worked with major buyers of such products to create standards and inspection protocols. Some of our expertise lies in the following tests/inspection processes:

Projection TV Product Safety Standards:

IEC 60065: Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus – Safety requirements
The application of this standard on Projection TV inspection and quality control shall prevent physical injury and damage to property that may result from electrical shock, radiation, excessive temperatures, implosion, fire, and mechanical hazards. Some of the tests included in this standard are the different flammability tests, impact test using a steel ball, surge test, and torque values test. The standard also recommends various preventive measures that may be used during pre-production, production, or pre-shipment of the Projection TV sets.

IEC 61965: Mechanical Safety of Cathode Ray Tubes
This standard may be used on CRT Projection TV systems. The IEC 61965 employs mechanical strength test (ball impact); implosion tests (missile, thermal shock, and high ball); and the high-energy impact test.

IEC 60884- 1: Plugs and Socket-Outlets for Household and Similar Purposes
This standard is designed to uphold safety measures in the production and usage of plugs, sockets, and adaptors for household electronic devices. Specifically, this will ensure that the Projection TV systems to be outsourced from China shall comply with international standards regarding the use of the said parts.

ASTM C1422 / C1422M - 10 Standard Specification for Chemically Strengthened Flat Glass
This standard is specifically designed to deal with chemically strengthened flat glass products for various uses such as on Projection TV systems. By using ASTM C1422/CM1422 – M 10, Projection TV importers will be assured that the flat glasses installed on the TV sets shall not endanger its users.

Projection TV Video Quality Standards

CEI IEC 61966-3: Multimedia Systems and Equipment – Color Measurement and Management, Equipment Using Cathode Ray Tubes
Since many Projection TV systems use cathode ray tubes (CRT), this standard could be employed for the assessment in the color reproduction of the said devices. Data from both analogue and digital input terminals may be used in the application of this international standard on Projection TV systems from China.

CEI IEC 61966-4: Multimedia Systems and Equipment – Color Measurement and Management, Equipment Using Liquid Crystal Display Panels
Another type of Projection TV uses Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) chips as projector. The CEI IEC 61966-4 may be used on these types of Projection TV systems to determine and manage its color output characteristics.

Projection TV Energy Efficiency Standards

ANSI / CEA-2037: Determination of Television Average Power Consumption
Projection TV importers will be able to determine the average power consumptions of the different Projection TV models by employing ANSI/CEA-2037. This international standard test method could be used to point out the energy efficiency of these Projection TVs. This is a good marketing tool because energy-efficiency is a major factor among many consumers when buying household appliances.


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