Setting AQL standards for cosmetics packaging is the trick to making sure you have the right cosmetic packaging quality control. Take a look at how to best make sure you are performing the right quality control checks on your products. 

What are AQL Standards? 


AQL stands for Acceptable Quality Limit, essentially setting the standards that quality control must measure each product up to. If it is not deemed acceptable, it will fail quality control and not be allowed to be used. 

There are different AQL levels, and you can decide which is the right one for your organization. There are different categories for defects, and you can bucket them into minor, major, and critical, which will help you ascertain which defects you might be able to fix and which you need to stop production on immediately. Each company has a different risk threshold, and you should do what feels right in your industry. 

Setting the Right AQL Standards for Your Products

Under AQL standards, quality defects are classified as “critical”, “major” or “minor”. And in every cosmetics packaging inspection, a major defect will not be accepted as it will seriously affect the usage and customer experience.

No matter which inspection level you are under, AQL standard 0/1.5/2.5 for critical/major/minor defects is normally used for cosmetics packaging inspection.

For example, scratches and blemishes are minor defects and can be tolerated under your AQL level. However, cracks or punctures are critical defects that we have zero tolerance for - once found, the inspection result will fail.pexels-shiny-diamond-3373730

Before setting your AQL, it’s a good idea to consider your product type and your target market first. Do you sell high-end products? Or, are you more low-end focusing on volume and customers and less on quality? It's ok if you are either, but you can get away with a more lenient AQL if you have low-end products. Customers are usually more understanding and forgiving of defects if they are paying less money for a product.

If you are confused with the sample size under different AQL standards, here is a simple AQL calculator that can help you.

What's Next?

Our company offers a user-friendly quality control platform that helps businesses save money and protect their brand's reputation. If you sign up for AQF Online, you will notice you get the guidance and tools you need to manage quality control so you can avoid buying defective items, minimize your risk, and sell your products fast!

Reach out and contact us today so you can set up a demo! Our team is happy to give you a free demo and answer any questions you might have about how we can help you improve cosmetic packaging quality control. 


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