Speakers sold all over the world are all virtually manufactured in China. All types of speakers, from the simple USB speakers to home theater speakers up to the large professional speakers used in large concert halls, are outsourced from the various manufacturing companies located in China. The quality of these speakers is ensured by conducting inspection and quality control protocols during pre-production, production, and pre-shipment.

InTouch adheres only to the most relevant and current international standards in coming up with speaker inspection and quality control procedures used in its operations.

Below are some of the most common standards which are used in the creation of InTouch quality control standards and inspection procedures:

ANSI E1.8-2005
This American National Standards Institute standard provides testing procedures on classification, manufacture, and structural design of speakers intended for use in large concert halls and related large public places. Dealing heavily on safety, this standard also includes provisions on manufacturing control systems and product labeling.

IEC 61305-5
The International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 61305 provides performance testing methods for high fidelity speakers. This standard, which has also been adapted by the British Standards Institute ( BS EN 61305-5 ), is very significant in testing high end speakers popular among audiophiles all over the world.

IEC 60268-5
This International Electrotechnical Commission standard provides specifications for speakers and speaker systems except those with built-in amplifiers. The British Standards Institute (BS EN 60268-5) and German Institute for Standardization (DIN EN 60268-5) also provide adaptations for this IEC standard.

The Audio Engineering Society AES2 standard provides recommended practices and specifications for speakers and speaker systems intended for professional use.

IEC 62537-1

This International Electrotechnical Commission standard series deals with various interfaces for speakers accepting digital input signals, including USB speakers.

  • IEC 62537-1 is for general purpose speakers.
  • IEC 62537-3 is designed for consumer use speakers.
  • IEC 62537-4 deals with speakers for professional applications.

CEA-2031 (ANSI)
This Consumer Electronics Association Technologies standard defines test methods for the determination of performance and physical measurement of mobile speakers as well as labeling and specifications reporting requirements.
UL 6500
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL 6500 safety standard applies to household, commercial, and other general use audio and video devices, including speakers.

UL 813 (Ed. 7)
This Underwriters Laboratories Inc. standard defines the safety requirements for commercial audio devices including speakers and speaker systems using 300 volts or less intended for use in commercial spaces.

ASTM F2617 - 08e1
The American Society for Testing and Materials International provides ASTM F2617-08 to protect the public from hazardous substances including lead and mercury found in consumer products with plastic parts.


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