Lower quality manufacturing from the cheaper materials in China are leading to common swimming goggle problems such as leaky gaskets and lenses, and straps tearing or breaking.
A swimming goggle is made up of a gasket, lens, case and ideally one or two straps. The goggle lens is an optical grade and has the option of being tinted, clear or reflective. The gasket is manufactured with materials such as rubber,silicone or foam materials. The swimming goggle straps are manufactured ideally from rubber or silicon materials. Swimming goggles are wrapped with a hard or soft polyester goggles case to protect the lens during transportation.
When purchasing swimming goggles from China, ensure that the product is tested using the American Standard Testing Material, and conforms to the state regulations. Below are some key tests that should be performed by an Intouch quality control specialist. Test for Luminous Transmittance and Haze of Transparent Plastics

When shining light through a sheet of manufactured material it could produce a hazy appearance when objects are viewed through the material. It could also create veiling glare, this type of effect occurs on an automobile when the sun hits the windshield. To get a proper haze measurement, quality control specialists use a hazemeter, or a spectrophotometer to provide diagnostic data on the origin of the haze. Luminous-transmittance and haze data are useful for specification and quality control purposes.

Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion

Swimming goggles lens are consistently getting cleaned and wiped. This purpose of this particular test is to test the resistance of material to several different degrees of abrasion. Abrasive damage is then judged by a visual inspection and then given a haze percentage.

Referee Test, Impact Test

During the referee test, quality control specialists will drop a 5/8-inch ball from the height of 50 inches on the surface of swimming goggle lens. In order to pass this particular test, the lens must not fracture. When importing from China you must have a swimming goggle inspection performed on the lenses as this is a regulation that is enforced by the FDA.


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