The touch screen technology was initially developed to be used in nuclear plants and air traffic control. Today, it has become one of the most important features of the millions of cellular phones sold annually. Although models and styles of cellular phone undergo changes constantly, the touch screen phone’s success in the world of cellular phones is unparalleled. The new models of touch screen phones are equipped with motion sensor technology which allows it to be more flexible.


The quality control processes for touch screen phone in all aspects of the manufacturing process is crucial to lessen the cost and maximize its quality.


In developing standards and inspection protocols for touch screen phones and other touch screen devices, some of the points that come into consideration include:


Federal Communication Commission
The Federal Communication Commission Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Cell Phones require that cell phone manufacturers conduct their SAR testing to include the most severe, worst-case and highest power operating conditions for all the frequency bands used in the USA.


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers have several standards and quality control inspection tests such as:


  • IEEE Standard C95.1-1991
  • IEEE Standard 11073-10471-2008
  • IEEE Standard 1625-2008

China Compulsory Certification
The China Compulsory Certification or CCC is a mandatory certification system concerning product safety in China.


American Society for Testing and Materials
The American Society for Testing and Materials C1161 is a test method for flexural strength of touch screen cellphones.


Food and Drug Administration
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require touch screen cell phone manufacturers to notify consumers of the health hazard at risk for using the product.


CE Marking
The Conformite Eurpoeene or CE certification is a mandatory requirement for products that will be marketed in the European Economic Area.


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