Excellent products satisfy customers and bring in sales, but thoughtful product packaging can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Imagine buying a laptop and carrying it home in a paper bag or a pile of bubble wrap. You'd probably think twice before buying it. But put that same laptop in a high-quality gift box with a sleek, modern design and chances are you would have more confidence in your purchase decision.

Product packaging is often considered as an afterthought to the product itself. But great companies like Apple and H&M know that packaging can be just as important to the brand and sales as the product itself. 

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4 Ways Product Packaging Directly Impacts Sales

Product packaging is integral to the customer experience and affects how people perceive your product. Impressive product packaging can:

  • Make a product stand out on shelves
  • Attract attention 
  • Ultimately boost sales

Let's explore the several ways product packaging affects sales and how to use it to your advantage.

1. The Product's Packaging Appearance

Sometimes, the competition gets so good that the product itself isn’t a strong differentiator. The dynamics of the market also may not allow you to change your prices unless you're offering something unique.

So how can brands stand out and win more sales in these conditions? The answer is packaging design.

According to IPSOS, 72% of American consumers say a product's packaging design will influence their purchase decision. Furthermore, consumers also stated that certain packaging materials - such as cardboard - can make a product seem higher quality.

Visual appeal is what gives a product the edge in some cases. Colorful packaging with interesting fonts and high-quality materials can help grab shoppers' attention and help your brand standout from the competition.

2. The Product's Packaging Durability

What does it benefit a consumer when the packaging design is attractive, but the packaging itself can't protect the contents?

Packaging needs to protect its contents from any damage that could happen during transport, handling and storage. When the packaging becomes torn, dented, or smashed, consumers may assume that the product inside is damaged and choose another option.

People are willing to pay a premium for products with durable packaging material because they trust their product will arrive in one piece. Trust is earned, and the packaging material plays a critical role in that.

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3. Packaging Material

To be different, you have to break tradition. You have to find ways to stand out and create something unique that would make people sit up, take notice, and buy your product.

No one will ever be more spoilt for choice than today's consumers. It's hard enough getting them to notice your product in the first place, let alone make the purchase.

Brands can also use packaging materials to appeal to their customers’ values. For example, sustainable packaging, or less packaging, can appeal to consumers who are more environmentally aware. Recent reports have also found that some consumers will even shy away from products that are packaged in harmful materials such as plastic. 

4. Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for consumers. In fact, studies show that 74% of consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for sustainable or recyclable packaging. 


Sustainable packaging has other benefits to your brand, as well. For example:


  1. Consolidated storage - reducing packaging materials and waste production can lead to more efficient storage.

  2. Lower shipping costs  - To put it simply, packaging that uses less material takes up less space and costs less to ship. This helps to increase your profit margins.


There are different ways to make your packaging environmentally friendly. What approach you take will depend on your customers’ preferences and your company’s brand strategy.

Protect Your Packaging and Brand

As you can see, product packaging often plays a critical role in the purchase decision. To keep your product packaging up to standard and ensure no corners are being cut, it is wise to invest in quality control. 


Product inspections can limit the risks of non-conformities and verify that your packaging and labeling adhere to quality standards. We customize each inspection to focus on what is important for you by combining our standard inspection checklists with your unique product requirements and Acceptable Quality Limits.


Contact AQF to learn about the range of quality control services we provide or create an account to book your next service today.

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