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Partnering With the Right Manufacturer

Identifying and partnering with the right manufacturer is absolutely essential to the success of any manufacturing project in China. With the growth of online supplier networks, many importers have taken it upon themselves to find a manufacturer capable of producing their products.

Sourcing Professionals in China

While online networks are a logical place to start researching manufacturers, it can be difficult to contact and communicate with suppliers you find on these websites. InTouch has sourcing staff both in Mainland China and Vietnam that are experienced in communicating with suppliers in the region.

china-sourcing-support.jpgAfter working with you to clearly define your product requirements and other expectations, InTouch will begin our search by using publicly available resources and attending trade shows as needed. then we'll contact prospective suppliers that can deliver your product.

When a select group of potential suppliers has been identified, InTouch will review the strengths and weaknesses of each you. You'll receive a report of our findings, including a shortlist of capable suppliers. When one or more suppliers has been decided upon, you can continue to benefit by having our staff help mediate each stage of the relationship from sample requests, opening molds and PO placement.

We're different from other sourcing agents because we don't take any commissions for brokering trade deals. Instead, we'll bill you on an hourly and as-needed basis. We're here when you need us and maintain a high standard of integrity and privacy with each supplier and importer we work with.

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