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CAD Design and On-Site Engineering Support

InTouch Engineers are Available for Verifying YOUR Product CAD Drawings, Tooling and Prototyping

InTouch engineers will assist you with CAD, tooling, prototyping, mechanical engineering and general production support. With engineers trained on CAD, we will verify any drawings or tooling calibration important for manufacturing your products to standard.


Professional Hands-On Tooling and Engineering in China

  • Hands-on engineering support throughout the product development and manufacturing processes
  • Tap into an international network of engineers and product experts who specialize in Chinese manufacturing projects
  • Reverse engineer products and parts based on an existing sample
  • Review CAD drawings against existing products for accuracy
  • Advise on a proposed product’s manufacturing ability and capacity

The Importance of Verifying CADs

The earliest stages of product development, including design drafting, prototyping, and sample production are critical to the success of any manufacturing project. You can depend on InTouch engineers to fully understand your product requirements and translate them into actionable design documents.

Our engineers have worked on countless Chinese manufacturing projects ranging from children’s toys to large-scale industrial equipment. Benefit from their combined experience and valuable insight regarding industry best practices in producing your products.

What Sets InTouch Engineers Apart from the Rest?

Having a trusted partner on the ground in China is an enormous asset that can be leveraged in a number of ways throughout the manufacturing process. InTouch works with a network of local and international engineers and product designers who are experienced working with Chinese manufacturers.

We regularly help our clients to draft comprehensive digital design documents, review their existing CAD files, and provide manufacturing consultation services.

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