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Purchase Order and Contract Review

Ensure Your Paperwork Meets Industry Standards and is Legally Binding to Suppliers

Purchase Order and Contract review services are an excellent way to prevent quality issues as well as supplier-importer disputes before money exchanges hands. These documents must reflect your expectations and requirements, as well as what the factory’s responsibilities are in the event that they do not adhere to them.

What InTouch Can Do for You

  • Ensure your contracts and documentation are legally binding and accurate, and that they will allow you a secure purchase-order-and-contract-review.jpgsourcing transaction
  • Assume a strong buying position and lower your risk while avoiding costly trade disputes
  • Confirm all order details with your suppliers
  • Ensure that your supplier understands and is producing what is expected
  • Have your contracts reviewed by local attorneys and guaranteed to be binding
  • Hold factories responsible for the costs of re-inspections and product certification

InTouch performs hundred of purchase order and contract reviews between overseas buyers and Chinese companies every year. Our experts will ensure that your paperwork is created correctly, signed off by your suppliers, and includes important details such as holding the factory responsible for failed product testing fees and re-inspection costs. We ensure that the agreements you are entering into with suppliers and other parties in China are reviewed by local attorneys, are binding, and are in your interests.

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