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Travel and Supplier Visit Services

Travel in Comfort and Pay Your Suppliers a Visit

InTouch offers comprehensive travel services for our clients interested in visiting their Chinese suppliers in person. We’ll even accompany you on visit to your factory so that you can have an expert to witness any quality issues you might be having first hand.

Let Us Handle Your Travel Arrangements

  • Stop feeling smothered by your agents and factories on your China trips – travel comfortably and eat on your own travel-and-supplier-visit-services.jpgterms
  • Identify and meet new suppliers, attend regional tradeshows, and work out new product development with ease
  • Hold business and quality meetings without the oversight of your factory or vendor
  • Receive the highest level of service and support for all your travel needs in Asia, including transport, accommodation, translators, personal assistants, and more
  • Receive an itemized itinerary leading up to your visit

Do you ever feel like there are some things you’re not seeing when you travel with your trading agent? There are. If you’re ready to stop being smothered by your agents and factories on your China trips, and travel comfortably and eat on your own terms, then contact InTouch and we’ll make it happen.
We’re arranging travel for both ourselves and our clients on a daily basis, so there’s no one more professional you can turn to.

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