Renaud Anjoran

Renaud Anjoran

Renaud Anjoran is president of China Manufacturing Consultants and helps factories improve quality, increase productivity, automate processes and increase capacity. He has previously been business manager of a French importer's Hong Kong branch. After that, he founded a quality assurance agency. He received a MS of Int'l Business from Bordeaux Business School and an MBA from Wake Forest University. He is also a certified ISO 9001 lead auditor and an ASQ certified quality engineer. Renaud's experience is internationally recognized, having been quoted in the New Yorker and the LA Times, and his articles have also been published in Quality Progress (ASQ), Business Insider, the China Law Blog, China Chief Executive, and more.

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Factory Efficiency: 5 Common Examples of Poor Factory Layout & Process Setup

by Renaud Anjoran on 19 May 2017 | 0 Comments
The general layout, and the way processes are set up, have a strong impact on factory efficiency. Here are 5 typical issues we have seen in Asia.

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